Video: Mark Warner Speaks About Ted Kennedy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This video was shot last night at a fundraiser for John Bell (running against Del. "Sideshow Bob" Marshall in the 13th district). Sorry about the darkness, but it was, well, DARK outside. :) I will the rest of the Mark Warner video a bit later, plus video of John Bell and also of an amazing kid (9 years old, I believe) named Aaron Reid who delivered Barack Obama's 2004 convention speech from memory.

By the way, the fundraiser appeared to be very successful, with a great deal of enthusiasm for John Bell - and for beating "Sideshow Bob," as I call him. The main things John needs right now are: 1) volunteers to knock doors, make phone calls, etc.; and 2) $$$ to do...well, everything campaigns do. :) I urge everyone to support John Bell and help rid the General Assembly of an embarrassment, someone who has asserted that "sometimes incest is voluntary" and that, with regard to rape, "the woman becomes a sin-bearer of the crime, because the right of a child predominates over the embarrassment of the woman." Marshall also compared the economic recovery package to slavery, saying "It is as much a chain as ankle bracelets were as to African-Americans in the 1860s in this state. It’s just invisible. But it is a chain of death that we’re not going to escape." And he had this to say about the "morning-after pill": "we have no business passing this garbage out and making these co-eds chemical Love Canals for these frat house playboys in Virginia." Motivated yet? :)