Jim Webb: "Come through for Creigh today, as you did for our campaign so many times in 2006."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I received this earlier today from Jim Webb.
Dear Friend,

People across the country are watching the Virginia Governor's race closely. Political observers and pundits want to make the results a referendum on President Barack Obama's presidency.

For me, it's different. For me, this election is about the people of Virginia. For me, it's about electing a leader, a friend, and a person I believe will help move our Commonwealth forward.

It's about electing Creigh Deeds the next Governor of Virginia.

Creigh faces a crucial fundraising deadline on August 31. Please make a contribution to his campaign before Monday's deadline.

Creigh didn't grow up with much in Bath County out in Western Virginia. It's this humble background that has always driven him to make a difference -- for himself, for his family, and for Virginia.

As Creigh says, "This election is about bringing prosperity, economic opportunity, and hope to every corner of the Commonwealth."

Who better to help Virginia come out of this economic recession stronger than Creigh Deeds, who spent 20 years in the Virginia legislature fighting for economic opportunity and our shared priorities?

During these tough times, Virginia needs a Governor like Creigh. Please consider a donation to his campaign today.

When Creigh pulled off his stunning come-from-behind victory in the June primary, I made a commitment to do everything possible to elect Creigh. It's why I am serving as Chair of Veterans for Deeds. It's why I have and will continue to hit the campaign trail with and on behalf of Creigh.

And it's why I'm asking you today to help Creigh. You and I know what it's like to defy the odds and do something special in Virginia. We did it together in 2006. I know we can do it again this November.

Come through for Creigh today, as you did for our campaign so many times in 2006. Contribute to his campaign before the August 31 fundraising deadline.

Thank you for your support.


Jim Webb
U.S. Senator