Deeds Joins Shannon, Calls on Hamilton to Resign [UPDATE: Wagner joins call]

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm very glad to see the following statement from Creigh Deeds and hope to see something from Jody Wagner as well. Yesterday, Steve Shannon was the first on the Democratic ticket to call for the corrupt Del. Phil Hamilton's resignation. As far as I'm concerned, it's a "no brainer" that every Democrat should be calling on Hamilton to resign (and, needless to say, no Democrat should be endorsing this slimeball or making any excuses for him).

Anyway, here's Creigh's statement:
For the past seven years, Virginians from all walks of life have worked hard to earn our ranking as the best managed state in the nation. Phil Hamilton’s actions and subsequent denials not only undermine that effort, but more importantly, betray the public trust. His conduct deserves far more than simple 'disappointment.' It deserves our outrage. We cannot turn the other cheek to this type of behavior. He should resign from the House of Delegates immediately.
UPDATE: Excellent, Jody Wagner has joined the call for Hamilton to resign!
Delegate Hamilton abused his position as a public servant for personal gain. His apologies and denials fall short. Virginians deserve elected officials who maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty, and anyone who fails to meet those should resign. I believe Delegate Hamilton should step down immediately, as he can no longer effectively serve the 93rd District.

P.S. So far, all we've gotten from the Republican ticket - you know, those "what part of 'illegal' don't you understand" guys - is the sounds of crickets chirping. Oh, we also got Ken Cuccinelli, who actually wants to be ATTORNEY GENERAL, saying that the Hamilton corruption issue should be left to the voters!!! That statement alone should disqualify Cooch from being Attorney General, not to mention his insane comments about the government tracking his children through Social Security numbers, etc.