PPP Preview

Sunday, August 30, 2009

From PPP, which is polling Virginia this weekend:
A couple early observations from the Virginia numbers:

-George Allen appears to be more popular than Barack Obama with the 2009 electorate.
-Creigh Deeds seems to be doing marginally better than a month ago but is still down by a good bit.
Based on these comments, it appears that this year's Virginia electorate continues to skew more conservative and Republican than last year's Virginia electorate, the one that elected Barack Obama and gave Democrats a 6-5 majority in Virginia's House of Representatives delegation. The question remains, will this Republican "enthusiasm gap" erode or disappear by November 3?

Also, will today's Washington Post story scare the you-know-what out of Democrats and motivate them to start paying attention to this race? The PPP results likely won't include much if any impact from the Washington Post story, although perhaps today's polling - the final day "in the field," I believe - will pick up some movement. We'll see soon enough.

UPDATE 9:30 pm: PPP tweets: "Creigh polled much better today in the wake of the WaPo story than he had Friday and Saturday..." PPP adds, "Unfortunately we had already done about 90% of the interviews and were just doing callbacks to hard to reach people today...So we can't read too much into it. Wish we had been scheduled to poll Va. a week later and hope someone else does it soon."