Jim Moran on Creigh Deeds' Prospects This November

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) was on WTOP's Politics Program this past Friday and asked how the Virginia governor's race will work out. Here's a transcript:
I do think it's going to be very close. I think that Creigh Deeds is going to get the majority of Northern Virginia votes. The real question is how many people in Northern Virginia vote. There's no way that they're going to come anywhere close to the kind of turnout that President Obama was able to generate out of [northern?] Virginia. And I think that Creigh fully understands..,he has some problem in generating Democratic votes in Northern Virginia because he very well represents his constituency but it's quite a different constituency, Southwest Virginia, on issues like guns and gays and things like that. And there's a real question as how responsive the Democratic apparatus is going to be to Creigh. But he's a good person, he's a true Democrat, I mean I'm putting a plug in for him because he's a good guy and I'm going to vote for him and I hope that he wins.
I'm not sure how "on message" this is from the Deeds' campaign's perspective, but one thing about Jim Moran is that he always speaks his mind and nothing's gonna stop him!

P.S. On second thought, given that the average has Deeds down 52.4%-39.6% right now, saying that this race is "going to be very close" might actually be very much on message. I'm still not so sure the Deeds people would be pleased about Moran's comments on "guns and gays" and also on the NOVA "Democratic apparatus" perhaps not being "responsive" to Deeds.