Elephants Heart the Obamas?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ordinarily I'd never subject Blue Virginia readers to two different posts about the Arlington County Fair. But I just had to share this photo.

I was working the Arlington Democrats booth and taking pictures for people with cutouts of the Obamas. (Side note: I'm not just asking for Joe Biden next year, I'm demanding him.)

At one point I noticed the Arlington Republicans elephant hanging out next to the cutouts. I said, "Do you want a picture with the Obamas?" Hard to read the body language of an elephant mascot, but he seemed to indicate yes. I turned on my camera and said, "Do you want to give them a thumbs down or something?" Nope - two thumbs up:

Elephants Heart the Obamas?

Hmmm. A show of bipartisanship? Or what?