McDonnell: Bush Economics, Bush Energy Policy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What else would you expect from a guy who thinks that George W. Bush was responsible for "an unprecedented period of economic recovery and economic growth?" That's right, now we get Bush's energy policy - fossil fuels forever, "drill our way out of it" (even though everyone knows we can't), don't even mention energy efficiency let alone climate change - from "Bush Clone" Bob. As my friend Miles Grant wrote over at McDonnell's YouTube channel:
What a joke. We don't need more Bush/Cheney polluter-friendly energy policies. Under Bob McDonnell, Big Oil would have its way with Virginia's natural resources and get all the profit, and who would get stuck with the pollution? Us. No thanks.
In short, Bob McDonnell is THE LAST thing Virginia needs, whether on the economy, on "divisive social issues," on energy, or on anything else.

UPDATE: The Roanoke Times nailed it in April when the editorial board wrote, "Virginia will never be the 'energy capital of America' with McDonnell's single-minded focus on coal, oil and other fossil fuels." So true.

UPDATE #2: Bob McDonnell's utter cluelessness and immorality is highlighted by this new report which indicates that "Global warming will bring more extreme heat waves." Doesn't Pat Robertson's pal Bob McDonnell believe in "protecting God's creation?" Apparently not.