Bob McDonnell's Mentors: Herbert W. Titus

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The "approval sheet" for Bob McDonnell's CBN University thesis is signed by three people: 1) Herbert W. Titus; 2) Paul J. Morken; and 3) Pamela J. Ruthven. Who are these people? Let's start with Herbert W. Titus.
[Titus] serves as general counsel to the American Health Legal Foundation and the Michael New Defense Fund, as well as Senior Legal Advisor to the Liberty Committee. He also does research and legal writing for the Free Speech Coalition and other similar organizations dedicated to the restoration of constitutional law and liberty in the nation.


Mr. Titus has written numerous articles, book chapters and constitutional studies and analyses. He is the author of God, Man & Law: The Biblical Principle, a widely-acclaimed text on American common law. He has also produced Family to Family Forum, a seminar series featuring audio and video tapes, as well as printed materials, teaching the practical application of common law principles to current public policy issues.
A few things jumped out at me here.

First, there's the American Health Legal Foundation, which writes stuff like this:
As Lenin recognized, medicine is the keystone in the arch of socialism. The keystone in the arch of government-controlled medicine is a comprehensive data base. And the essential linkage element for a relational data base is a unique identifier, such as the Unique Health Identifier (UHI).
Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

Second, there's the "Michael New Defense Fund", which supports former Army Specialist Michael New, who was "court-martialed for deliberately disobeying an order to report to duty with unauthorized United Nations symbols and blue cap, and to deploy under a general from Finland for deployment to Macedonia, pursuant to then President Clinton's unilateral policy to deploy American soldiers under UN command." Yeah, and the U.N.'s black helicopters will be coming soon for him I'm sure...

Third, there's the "Liberty Committee", which rails against "activist federal judges telling our children that they can't say the Pledge of Allegiance," "federal courts telling you that there is a right to pornography in schools but God must be kept out of the classroom," "federal courts forcing partial-birth abortion on America as a 'constitutional right' by striking down state laws duly enacted by the people to ban that gruesome procedure," and "federal courts declaring that homosexuals have 'special rights' that you and I don't have, or forcing racial quotas and affirmative action on jobs and higher education." Remember, Herbert W. Titus - Senior Legal Advisor to the "Liberty Committee" - was one of Bob McDonnell's top mentors at law school.

Fourth, there's the Free Speech Coalition, which claims that "[s]ince the beginning of this Republic, there has likely never been a time when public officials have spoken so freely about restricting the free speech and First Amendment rights of American citizens whom they represent." Wow, you mean it's worse today than in the McCarthy era, or under the Alien and Sedition Acts, etc?

Fifth, there's Titus' book, "God, Man & Law: The Biblical Principle." I haven't been able to find a searchable version of this book, but I presume it's very similar to Titus' "Biblical Principles of Law", which rails against "the so-called women's liberation movement," including "feminist cries for equal rights, comparable pay for comparable work, tax-supported day care centers" and pretty much anything that would "favor women who desire to establish an economic life independent of their families." Oh yeah - and I bet you never knew this - but, according to Titus, the "blueprint of these efforts in the 1970's and 1980's was written by Lenin in 1920," all part of a diabolical "blueprint for the emancipation of women" that "included 'the abolition of private ownership of land and the factories," and which constituted an "attack upon the Christian family." Yeah, keep'em barefoot and pregnant, that's what my great great grandpappy always said. (snark)

Also in Titus' "Biblical Principles of Law", which rails against homosexuality ("If homosexuality is the product of one's genes and environment, then so is theft, murder, and rape"), "sexual intercourse with animals," the Equal Rights Amendment, etc. Titus also claims that the "female sex" exists "to meet the need of the male sex." Last but not least, Titus claims that there are "three essential ingredients of law: 1) It is created by god; 2) It is revealed by God; and 3) It is imposed by God without regard to time, situation or person, or place." Given all this, Titus concludes, "no human law is law at all if it contradicts 'the law of nature or the law of revelation.'" Hey, that gives me an idea: I bet the Bible never mentioned coming to a complete stop at a stop sign; maybe I could argue that and get my money back from the ticket I got a few months ago for breaking that particular "human law?" Ha.

Sixth, there's the "Family to Family Forum" series, about which I'm intrigued but so far haven't found any information. Anyone have any leads on this one?

Finally, it turns out that Herbert W. Titus is "an original drafter of the Constitution Restoration Act, which sought to take out of federal court jurisdiction cases that involved public officials that acknowledged God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government, and provided for the impeachment of federal judges who disregarded the act." This is truly extreme stuff, but check it out for yourself, including this beauty: "To the extent that any decision of the United States Supreme Court or that of any federal district court made prior to or after the effective date of the Act prohibits the acknowledgment of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government, such precedent would not be binding on state courts." I believe this is known as a "theocracy."

In short, Herbert W. Titus is a Dominionist who wants to establish a Christian Theocracy in the United States of America. Oh, and he was also one of Bob McDonnell's top mentors at "CBN University," aka "Regent University."