Video: Mark Warner Speaks About The Need to Act on Health Care, Economy, John Bell, Creigh Deeds

Thursday, August 27, 2009

At last night's fundraiser for John Bell, Mark Warner spoke about health care reform as an economic, budgetary and moral necessity/imperative; about the "outrageous, over the top...beyond the pale" comments by "the other side," the town hall meetings (and people who say "keep government out of health care..protect Medicare!"); etc

Other than health care, Warner talked about how close we came to Great Depression Part II and how we avoided it by "the actions that this president has taken." "If any economic prognosticator had been January or even mid March when the Dow as at 6,500...would you accept an American economy that by Labor Day had the stock market up 50%, banks repaying their TARP funds, and the housing market running two months of actually positive news and stabilizing, you would have been called wildly optimistic, but because of this president and because of the some of the tough things this Congress had to do, that's where we're at; we're not out of the woods, unemployment's still too high, but lord knows we are in a much better place because we've got a president who treats us all as adults and talks to intelligently and doesn't try to hide the ball in terms of the problems we face and lays out rational solutions..."

On the Deeds-McDonnell election, Warner said "we can't be tired any longer" and in part because the "other side feels like they've got the wind at their back." Warner pointed out that if Creigh Deeds isn't elected governor (and we don't "take back these seats in the House [of Delegates]"), all the progress we've made the past 8 years could be lost.

P.S. Sorry for the video quality, it was dark outside and Flip video cameras don't have any way to compensate.