Terry McAuliffe: Health Care Reform Without Public Option is "Morally Wrong"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I really wish that Terry McAuliffe would tell us how he really feels about this issue! :)
Former Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe is demanding his party take a stand on health care legislation that the president and many others aren't willing to take: Pass a bill with a public option for insurance coverage or don't pass anything at all.


"If we don't have the public option, we are wasting our time," McAuliffe told the Huffington Post. "To chalk something up and get something that is not the right thing to do is morally wrong... To pass something just so you can go home and go into election saying we passed something is not why lawmakers are sent to Washington."
I agree, do this right or don't do it at all. And as for the Republicans? Here's Terry on that subject, in typically subtle fashion (ha).
"I think for a lot of [Republicans], they could care less," McAuliffe said, when asked if the White House was wasting its time trying to recruit bipartisan support. "They aren't interested in reforming health care. Their interest is bringing the Obama administration down. That is clear. Many of them have publicly said that."
Sadly, Terry speaks the truth about the Republicans, and it's not just on health care. In reality, Republicans want President Obama and the Democrats to fail in every area - the economy, energy, environment, etc. - so they can get back into power, despite their pathetic record from 2001 to 2009. In addition to political considerations, Republicans at this point have morphed into an extreme-right, fringe party at the national level, so they might actually believe in the counterproductive (not to mention crazy, like global warming denial, "death panels," "Marxism," etc., etc.) things they say and do. Either way, Democrats should stop wasting their time trying to be "bipartisan" with a bunch of reactionary, flat-earth, "know nothings" and use the majority the American people gave them to pass the legislation they campaigned on. What are we waiting for?!?