RGA Ad Attacks Teachers, Bob McDonnell?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think that NLS has a good point here about the latest anti-Deeds attack ad by the Republican Governor's Association, which apparently is funding Bob McDonnell's campaign.
So "more than" 80% of this new spending is from raising teacher salaries the national average. Who else supports doing that? Look back to just three months ago...

"Democrats R. Creigh Deeds, Terry R. McAuliffe and Brian J. Moran and Republican Bob McDonnell committed to raising the pay of Virginia teachers to the national average of more than $50,000 a year."

So the RGA is attacking Deeds for being a "big spender" when over 80% of his "spending" was on something Bob McDonnell supports?

By the way, aside from (essentially) attacking teachers and inadvertently Bob McDonnell himself, this RGA ad buy is a slimy way for McDonnell to do his negative advertising against Deeds. It’s abundantly clear that the RGA and Team McDonnell have coordinated in the past and they’re still coordinating – so why doesn’t Bob have his name on these ads?!? You'd think the former chief law enforcement official in Virginia might actually care about this, not to mention someone whose efforts to hide his campaign financing in 2005 led to Virginia writing new laws about it.

Other than that, we have the utter hypocrisy of McDonnell taking millions of dollars from the RGA while ranting and raving against a similar pro-Deeds outside effort, Common Sense Virginia. For instance, last spring, McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin attacked Common Sense Virginia, saying, "This is an outside group attempting to scare voters and employing negative politics" and also "These out-of-state special interests have no real interest in the future of Virginia’s workers."). Pot, meet kettle.