Alan Diamonstein: The Joe Lieberman of Virginia?

Monday, August 24, 2009

This is pathetic, and reminiscent of when Sen. Benjamin "Benedict" Lambert (D? R? Who knows?), endorsed George Allen over Jim Webb and actually campaigned for Allen in 2006. Or, a more recent comparison would be to Joe Lieberman's endorsement of McCain/Palin over Obama/Biden in 2008. Now, we've got this:
In recent years since his retirement from the House, Alan [Diamonstein] has backed numerous Republicans on the Peninsula including Marty Williams, Tommy Norment and Phil Hamilton. This year, Diamonstein had already endorsed Hamilton for re-election. Now with Hamilton's career in shambles after a quid-pro-quo blew up in his face, Diamonstein has been silent. Is he waiting for Phil to be indicted and go to prison before he speaks out?
Good question by NLS. For someone with a (self-described) "distinguished record in legal and legislative issues," not to mention his (bizarre) "appl[ication] to be a page to the Democratic National Convention," you'd think Diamonstein would be able to take a stand on a clear case of corruption by a Republican elected official - or at least withdraw his foolish endorsement of said corrupt Republican. Anytime now, Alan!

UPDATE: According to the Daily Press, "Kaine will not ask Hamilton to resign." Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot?