Creigh Deeds Talks Transit, Intermodal, Telecommuting, etc.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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P.S. Just a side note/correction; I've looked at this issue closely for years and the United States is NOT tied to the personal automobile - let me repeat, NOT - because of our "wide expanses" or because we're a "big country." That's a common and damaging myth. The real reason(s) we're so addicted to oil and automobiles here, vis-a-vis Europe, Canada, Japan, etc.? It's mostly because our gasoline taxes - and hence our gasoline prices at the pump - are a fraction of what they are in most every other industrialized country in the world. It's also because of the government subsidizing sprawl through a wide variety of means. There's more to the story, but essentially that's the deal: low gasoline prices + rampant sprawl = a country addicted to cars/oil.

One final thought on this issue: eight in 10 Americans actually commute fewer than 40 miles per day. So, it's not like we're driving across those "wide expanses" - from Omaha to Miami, from New Orleans to North Dakota - every day or anything like that. The vast majority of us live in suburbia and drive our cars a few miles to work, to the grocery store, etc., the vast majority of the time.