Comments from Washington Post Article on McDonnell's Theocratic Thesis

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here are just a few of my favorite comments so far from the Washington Post story on Bob McDonnell's theocratic, Dominionist thesis/political action plan. There are 280 comments as of 5:45 pm Sunday. Just a weeee bit of interest in this story? :)

*"O.K. sir. So your views have changed. How about another thesis addressing the exact points the first thesis addressed and attached as an addendum to your first thesis? That way the voters can compare and see which McDonnell they're getting."

*"Virginia Voters, just ask," Was he lying then or is he lying now?"
He's a liar in either case. After referencing his writing and his record, it appears he's lying NOW!!"

*"He's changed his views all right----just before the election. Haven't heard him repudiate them, so he must still hold them."

*"McDonnell's views may have changed over 20 years, but apparently not that much, if he's still in favor of destabilizing gay families and making their lives more difficult for no legitimate reason."

"It is disgusting to think someone like this can be considered for holding a high office in American in 2009."

*"Good grief! Another self-righteous, hollier-then-thou, republican who thinks anyone who does not share his religious beliefs has embraced the devil and should burn in hell. His views towards women are truly frightning."

*"McDonnell for the rest of the campaign should be asked continually about these radical beliefs. And let me tell you no matter how many times the leopard tells you he's changed his spots will always remain the same!"

*"I guess he was against a lot of stuff before he was for it, huh? I want to know is how old he thinks the earth is."

*"As a VA resident, it makes my blood run cold to think that a throwback like this could be elected. I do not believe for a moment that his views have changed in the slightest. People like this never change."

*"...I've voted in every Presidential election since '79 and Obama is the 1st time voting for a Democrat. GOP you've earned my disdain by running sock-puppet candidates like Pastor Bob. If I want ol' timey religion I'll go to church. I don't need it in the Governor's mansion."

*"We don't want any more right wing kooks running Virginia. George Allen got what he had coming, after he was exposed for the racist nitwit that he is. Virginia is moving into the future- why would we want some religious extremist nut running things?"

*"Remember, a tiger cannot change its stripes, and neither can a cynical politician."

*"Hasn't McDonnell heard of religious freedom? Why would any woman want to vote for a person that would make her a second class citizen. Republicans claim to oppose government intrusion into citizens' lives, but the legislation they introduce indicates otherwise."

*"McDonnell seems to be a hypocritical extremist, or maybe an extreme hypocrite. Or maybe just a wolf in sheep's clothing--at least until his mindless and radical 1989 theocratic screed from Regent University floated to the surface."