Deeds Campaign on McDonnell's "attempt to run from his record"

Monday, August 31, 2009

"Deeds for Governor Senior Advisor Mo Elleithee released the following statement Monday afternoon in response to Bob McDonnell’s attempt to run from his record."
"It’s not often you see someone claim that they misquoted themselves in their own written work.

"Despite Bob McDonnell’s stunning repudiation of his own agenda and 20 year legislative record, he still hasn’t answered the simple questions that were posed to him repeatedly. What positions has he changed his mind about, when did he change them, and why?

"The fact is for 20 years, Bob McDonnell has promoted a social agenda that is outside of the mainstream. It’s what he wrote his thesis about, and it’s how he’s legislated. He just hoped no one would notice while he was running for governor."