Conservative Blogger Asks: "What the heck is going on with the GOP leaders?"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here are a few examples of the hilarious commentary at right-wing blogs over the Phil Hamilton corruption scandal. I particularly love the bashing of Steve Shannon (e.g., he's "out of that mainstream"), prior to Republicans like Pat Mullins, Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling joining Shannon's call for Hamilton's resignation. Does this mean that Mullins, McDonnell and Bollin are also "out of that mainstream?" Are the Republicans also guilty of "pronouncing judgment early?" Ha.

Meanwhile, although I disagree with J.R. Hoeft on this, at least he's consistent and not afraid to take on his own party for "succumbing to" the "political winds" (as Hoeft sees it). Good for him, putting his principles (again, ones I disagree with) over politics (in this case, McDonnell, Bolling, Mullins et al. jumping on the bandwagon driven by Steve Shannon, demanding that Phil Hamilton resign).

Shaun Kenney
...nice to see that many candidates have reserved judgment until after the panel has reviewed the totality of the case.

Of course, Democratic Attorney General wannabe Steve Shannon couldn’t resist pronouncing judgment early...
Uh huh, and neither could Pat Mullins, Bob McDonnell or Bill Bolling. Ha.

Virginia Virtucon
When you have Cuccinelli and Gov. Timmy! on the same page, you know there has to be broad consensus that something needs to be done. Obviously, Shannon is outside of that mainstream.
As are, apparently, Pat Mullins, Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling. Fascinating.

J.R. Hoeft at Bearing Drift
McDonnell, Bolling and Mullins choose politics over principle

This [Bob McDonnell's call for Phil Hamilton to step down] is B.S.


What the heck is going on with the GOP leaders? What sort of political winds are they succumbing to? What principles are they abiding by?
Good questions, Jim, I've been wondering the same thing about these Republicans for a long time. :)

P.S. Meanwhile, as NLS points out, "KEN CUCCINELLI ONLY STATEWIDE CANDIDATE STILL DEFENDING PUBLIC CORRUPTION." My guess is that this will make Cooch a hero to the right-wing Virginia blogosphere, but hopefully unelectable to the rest of us.