Bob McDonnell Fears The Green Miles

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

As Lowell detailed, earlier today Bob McDonnell posted a new ad on energy to YouTube. Lowell sent me the link, and I posted a comment at the YouTube page:
What a joke. We don't need more Bush/Cheney polluter-friendly energy policies. Under Bob McDonnell, Big Oil would have its way with Virginia's natural resources and get all the profit, and who would get stuck with the pollution? Us. No thanks.
Thankfully, Lowell preserved my comment in his post. Because on the YouTube page, the comment has disappeared.

YouTube only has two options -- comments on or comments off. However, a user can then click "remove" to delete comments on their own videos. I have no problem with people not allowing comments or moderating them. I do it on my blog, The Green Miles. But that's no secret -- Blogger automatically tells commenters they'll be moderated. If the McDonnell campaign doesn't want any negative comments on campaign videos, fine -- shut off comments.

But it looks like Bob McDonnell's staffers are trying to make it appear his YouTube channel welcomes any and all commenters, while secretly censoring any comments not to their liking. Big-time netroots fail.

Here's what's most bizarre about this: Who cares if your video gets a negative comment, especially from a known bleeding heart liberal like me? Bob McDonnell would rather be publicly accused of censorship than allow one negative comment from The Green Miles to stand on his YouTube video? Are they that paranoid?