Paul Krugman: Opponents of Public Option "Have No Intellectual Basis"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's interesting about bipartisanship, there's this notion that we ought to have bipartisanship. What people usually mean by this is you ought to get the centrists, we ought to get, let's say, the middle 20 Senators to agree on something. The middle 20 Senators are now all Democrats. The Republican Party is now a rump on the right, which thanks to the arcane rules of the Senate...there's a question whether, are they willing to actually vote against cloture to stop this really quite modest but helpful piece of the reform being in there...they have no intellectual basis to stand on, the argument against the public option is sheer nonsense, we know that, it's nothing except the insurance lobby.
So true. On second thought, who are you going to believe, a Nobel Prize-winning economist or towering intellects (not!) like Eric Cantor and Sarah Palin? Hmmmmm.