Shannon to Cuccinelli: Do You Agree with McDonnell on Hamilton?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Smart move by Steve Shannon, your move Cooch! :)
Attorney General candidate Steve Shannon today asked his opponent Ken Cuccinelli to reverse his position from yesterday and to join him, Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell in calling on Phil Hamilton to resign from the House of Delegates over a conflict of interest scandal.

“Initially, Senator Cuccinelli said that Phil Hamilton’s fate should reside with the political process instead of standing up and asking him to resign," said Shannon. "In light of Bob McDonnell’s statement on this matter, I hope Ken will do the right thing this time and insist that Delegate Hamilton step down for the good of Virginia.”

In response to Shannon’s statement on Sunday asking Hamilton to step down, the Daily Press reported Cuccinelli saying, “Do I wish it were unfolding differently? Of course I do. But I am confident that Virginia voters can factor that into their decision making."

On the same night the Virginian-Pilot ran a quote from Cuccinelli’s top advisor, Chris LaCivita, who said, “Delegate Phil Hamilton’s future is in the hands of the voters of Newport News and Phil Hamilton.”
UPDATE: Add 13th House of Delegates district Democratic nominee, John Bell, to the list of those calling on Phil Hamilton to resign.
All elected officials derive their authority from the people who elected them. They owe it to us to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. Politicians should never use their positions in government for personal financial gain. Delegate Phil Hamilton misused the public’s trust and I call on him to resign from the House of Delegates. Both Democratic and Republican leaders Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell have done so, and I ask my opponent Del. Bob Marshall to join me in calling for Del. Hamilton's resignation.