The Washington Post's Eclectic HoD Endorsements

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This morning, we have Part III of the Washington Post's House of Delegates endorsements, an eclectic mix which demonstrates that the Post is not just a knee-jerk pro-Democratic paper. In fact, the Post is what it's been for a long time, a corporate newspaper oriented towards candidates who are friendly towards corporations but are not bigots, xenophobes, or Cooch-style "black helicopter" wackjobs. Check these out.

47th District: The Post has nice words for Patrick Hope's "experience" with "Medicaid and mental health issues," but overall is more positive about Republican Eric Brescia [UPDATE: See note below; they endorse Brescia in the "hard copy" version], who it says has "independent-minded thinker who has fresh and specific ideas for how to save money in health care and make government work better." Of course, the counterargument is that the Post once again has (essentially) endorsed a Republican in a district where the GOP essentially has zero chance of winning on 11/3. But still...

48th District: This one shocks me, as the Post actually has slightly nicer words for "bright young combat veteran" Aaron Ringel [UPDATE: See note below; they endorse Ringel in the "hard copy" edition] over Del. Bob Brink, who it criticizes for opposing I-66 widening (as do most of his constituents, by the way). According to the Post, Ringel "takes a broader regional view of that issue." I completely disagree with the Post on this one, as does the Arlington County Board, as laying more asphalt only encourages sprawl at a time when we need to be pushing "smart growth," high-density development and kicking our "oil addiction" (all of which the Post ostensibly support, by the way). A ridiculous non-endorsement endorsement by the Post, although once again in a district where the GOP candidate has close to zero chance of winning on 11/3.

50th District: The Post (sorta kinda) endorses Jeanette Rishell ("a smart civic activist who is more likely to be effective in the upcoming funding battles for education and transportation") over Del. Jackson Miller, who it is still angry at for "insisting he'd be tough on illegal immigrants." It's not a super-strong endorsement of Rishell, but still it demonstrates that the Post dislikes any sign of xenophobia or other bigotry.

51st District: The Post says that Del. Paul Nichols is a "better bet than his Republican opponent, Richard L. Anderson, a recently retired Air Force officer." Mostly, it appears the Post likes Nichols' push "for extending Metro to Prince William." I'm glad to see the Post supporting public transit (and the candidate who is pushing for more of it), although it seems to contradict the Post's support for widening a highway (I-66). Weird.

52nd District: The Post endorses Luke Torian, whose "broad experience with immigrants, pregnant teens and low-income families...would give him a valuable perspective as a state lawmaker," over Republican Rafael Lopez. This one's a no brainer and should be an easy Democratic pickup on 11/3.

53rd District: Another no-brainer, with the Post endorsing Del. James Scott over "nominal opposition" in a safe Democratic district.

67th District: The Post endorses "sane, sober lawmaker" Chuck Caputo for having "pushed important road projects in his district and drafted bills to help schools, ease traffic and promote new energy sources." The Post then shows its stripes once again with kind words for "creative corporate executive" James LeMunyon. My god, can the Post demonstrate any more clearly that they're a bunch of pro-corporate hacks? Go Chuck!

86th District: And the Post does it again, endorsing "pro-business Republican" (isn't that redundant? I mean, are there any Republicans who are "pro-people" as opposed to blindly "pro-business?") Thomas Davis Rust. As far as Stevens Miller is concerned, the Post simply tersely calls him "a capable lawyer who's served for two years on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors." Yes, and that "capable lawyer" would be an infinitely better choice than a co-sponsor (with the abysmal Dave Albo) of abusive driver fees who is allied with one of the worst bigots in Virginia politics, Eugene Delgaudio. This is a moronic endorsement by the Washington Post, but apparently they'll support anyone named "Thomas Davis." Heh.

UPDATE: The Post says it bolds its endorsements, but it doesn't do so online. In the "hard copy" (paper) edition, their endorsements are: Eric Brescia, Aaron Ringel, Jeanette Rishell, Paul Nichols, Luke Torian, James Scott, Chuck Caputo, and Tom Rust.