Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're in the last week of this election, and it's time that we as Democrats take an honest look at the state of this election and plan our last days before this election accordingly. Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner, and Steve Shannon are significantly down.

The latest round of polling data:

*McDonnell leads Deeds by 15 points, 55%-40%
*Bolling leads Wagner by 12 points, 50%-38%
*Cuccinelli leads Shannon by 16 points, 52%-36%

All three statewide Republicans are over 50% with just a few days remaining. In addition, our Democratic statewide candidates are slowly losing ground over the last several weeks and the expected Democratic turnout is falling in poll after poll. These races, barring a major Republican meltdown, are all but certainly over. Knowing this (and accepting it), where do we go?

All of the House of Delegates seats are up this year. These seats are still up for grabs in many districts. These are the candidates we should be focusing on now, seats we can save and some we can still pick up. Losing the 3 top ticket races will hurt, but we should not compound these losses with unnecessary loses in the legislature.

It's time to triage, and we should move quickly.