Bristol Herald Courier Endorses Steve Shannon for AG

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Bristol Herald Courier has endorsed Steve Shannon for AG. Here are some excerpts:
In our view, Democratic Delegate Steve Shannon has articulated a vision of the Attorney General’s office that is best in line with the needs of residents of Southwest Virginia – from his ideas about addressing prescription drug abuse to developing contractual agreements that allow public universities and private businesses to partner on projects that would bring jobs to the region.

Shannon has a solid background in public safety, including experience as a prosecutor. Republican state Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, a private practice attorney who deserves respect for his advocacy for people with mental illness, does not have this prosecutorial experience.


...we are troubled by [Cuccinelli's] past efforts to ask Congress to amend the Constitution to deny citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants. Children born in this country are citizens of this country. Cuccinelli also has supported a measure to bar journalists from knocking on the doors of bereaved families. Both these bills failed to generate support, but they signal Cuccinelli’s possible social agenda.

For attorney general of Virginia, we want a person who has experience as a prosecutor and a broader agenda of public safety goals. We also need someone in that office who understands the need to create a legal environment in which the public and private sectors can both work on the real social issues burdening Virginia, such as a dearth of jobs in the more rural regions.

We believe Shannon has that experience and we urge you to support him Nov. 3.
Go Steve!