Sully District Candidates Forum: Report and Photos

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The following report and photos from the Sully District (Fairfax County) candidates' forum last night comes from Sully District Democratic Committee Chair Mary Lee Cerillo. Thanks as always to my friend Mary Lee for everything she does...

What a night! We had a rally before the Sully District candidates forum [last night] with about forty Caputo supporters. Handmade posters were in abundance with all of Delegate Chuck Caputo's accomplishments over the past four years. People are ready to roll and get out the vote.

In comparison, Caputo's opponent [Jim LeMunyon] showed up to the forum with just one supporter...his campaign manager! Pretty pathetic when you look at the mailers he's been sending out to Strong Democrats bragging about how many doors he's knocked on in the 67th House of Delegates district. It sure wasn't evident tonight.

I've got to say, we have some fabulous, intelligent Democratic delegates running for office in Sully District. I'm proud of every single one of them. I wasn't surprised by LeMunyon's response to one of his flyers which claims that he believes in limited government and equal rights for all Virginians. When LeMunyon was asked about his views on women and gays, however, it turned out that statement has not one shred of truth. It's amazing how these people claim that they want limited government and no oversight or regulation until it comes down to their narrow social issues. Then, it's perfectly OK for the government to be in your business [and your bedroom!] and dictate how you're supposed to live your life.

In other news, Stevens Miller called out Tom Rust's claims last night to support equal rights for all Virginians. Of course, Rust's voting record doesn't attest to that.

I hope a very clear message was sent tonight. We are out there with a vengeance. We are proud of our Democrats and what they stand for. Let's keep Virginia moving forward. We can't do otherwise.