Great Diary by teacherken: "the dragons can be killed"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Please read and recommend. Here's an excerpt (bolding added by me for emphasis):
At the edges of some medieval maps one might see the legend "here there be dragons" with illustrations of sea serpents. These marked the end of the known world, with the fears inherent in the unknown.

And yet, as children know, the monsters and dragons are part of everyday existence. They are under the bed, they are in our imagination, some seek to use them to manipulate use - pace the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs and others of their ilk.

Ken Cuccinelli is potentially more dangerous than either Beck or Limbaugh, because he would have the power of office, an ability to discriminate, to refuse to protect the rights of minorities he does not respect. He can distort our legal processes in very harmful ways.

But, as Chesterton reminds us, fairy tales help us to remember that dragons can be killed.

As horrible as the thought of the like of Ken Cuccinelli in state wide office might be, the people of the Commonwealth - and those who care what happens - can still make a difference.

Steve Shannon is worthy of the office of Attorney General on his own merits.

Ken Cuccinelli would not only be a disgrace. He represents something truly frightening in American politics.

Which is why we must demonstrate that this is one dragon that can be killed.
Let's hope so, and let's not mince words: Ken Cuccinelli is about as radical a Republican (or, for that matter, of any party) you're ever going to see running for statewide office in this country. Seriously, this guy is so far right wing, he makes Bob McDonnell look like Nancy Pelosi. Among his more impressive qualities, "Cooch" is "black helicopter crowd" paranoid, delusional, willfully ignorant, anti-science, disrespectful of the law and the constitution, all concealed under a (usually) pleasant external demeanor. Don't be fooled, though; this is the most wacked-out statewide candidate we've seen in Virginia in our lifetimes, and that includes Michael Farris (they're actually two extremist birds of a feather). Even if you don't particularly care about the top of the ticket, I urge you - Democrats, independents, moderates, reasonable Republicans - to come out in Tuesday and STOP THIS GUY before he does a great deal of damage to a lot of Virginians...