Washington Post Endorsements: Scott Surovell, Greg Werkheiser, Susan Conrad...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today's Washington Post has more endorsements for House of Delegates. The highlights?

*40th District: Susan Conrad, a "straight talker" with "political spine" who will be a "refreshing change" from Tim Hugo, described as "one of those peddlers of fiscal flim-flam who rail against tax increases and claim that fiscal gimmickry can produce the huge funding needed to address years of grossly insufficient spending on transportation."

*42nd District: Greg Werkheiser, "a lawyer who founded a nonprofit that helps seniors, farmers and the disadvantaged," over Dave Albo, who has "used his legislative clout to bash undocumented immigrants and to try to block major funding initiatives, such as former Gov. Mark R. Warner's in 2004 that raised money for education and public safety."

*44th District: Scott Surovell, "an energetic, creative-minded lawyer who knows state and local issues in depth," is "clearly the best choice for this open seat against Republican James McConville, a defense contractor whose main civic involvement has been in sports,"

Also endorsed: Vivian Watts (39th) over several undistinguished opponents; David Marsden (41st) over two opponents who don't offer "much in the way of original thinking;" Mark Sickles (43rd) over "nominal opposition;" David Englin (45th) over the "tissue thing" Victoria Vasques; and Charnielle Herring (46th) over "blank slate" Sasha Gong.

P.S. For the "trolls" who come on here and (predictably) say, "shocking, the Washington Post endorses Democrats," you might want to consider the fact that Democrats simply are better than Republicans at governing effectively? That didn't convince the "trolls?" Oh well...I try. :)