Afghanistan = (f) Viet Nam mindset

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They are not identical, but for those who have been at this junction before, the road less travelled looks even better this morning. We have our own corrupt Ngo Dinh Diem style regime and an American public that was misled about the “war.” Recall, if Viet Nam fell, it would be the beginning of a domino effect that would result in the collapse of America.

Let’s see. It was a Republican administration that oversaw the establishment of the Diem regime. A Democratic administration suddenly with access to the facts had to stumble forward following an awkward policy handoff. A bunch of cute maneuvers by the CIA replaced a corrupt regime it had fostered. We lost a President that had a disquieting first two years in office but was coming into his own. And to prove our devotion to national security, we spent the blood of 50,000 Americans so that we could walk away with our heads held high.

I don’t know. Does that sound like a solid strategic precedent to you?