NRO: Sheila Johnson to "switch parties"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Aside from the minor detail that you can't "switch parties" in Virginia since there's no voter registration by party in the Commonwealth, I found this item in National Review Online to be kinda interesting:
One attendee said she had recently spoken with Sheila Johnson, the Democratic billionaire who endorsed McDonnell and is featured in one of his campaign commercials, and predicted she will switch parties and become a Republican. McDonnell said only that the state of Virginia's economy had made Johnson "take a fresh look at what's important" and that he considered himself "fortunate" to have her support.
So much for Johnson being a "Democrat (sic) Businesswoman" after all? Looks like a Republican endorsed a Republican, big whoop.

P.S. If you missed it, this is classic.
A senior Deeds aide said that the Democrat traveled to Johnson's Middleburg ranch in April and that the two did not hit it off. Johnson mostly wanted to talk about her opposition to labor unions, and the aide said Deeds told Johnson that he had concerns about congressional legislation that unions favored, but she seemed unhappy that he was unwilling to "trash" unions.
Yeah, great "Democrat" there!