Washington Post: "Mr. Cuccinelli's bigotry"

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Washington Post editorial board often gets things wrong, but not this time.
KENNETH CUCCINELLI, the Republican candidate for Virginia state attorney general, believes it's "appropriate" to formulate public policy on the premise that homosexuals engage in behavior that is "intrinsically wrong" and offensive to "natural law." His comments -- which retrofit the old rhetoric of racism, bias and intolerance in a new context -- were made in an interview with the Virginian-Pilot, a newspaper in Norfolk.


Putting aside what Mr. Cuccinelli has to say about homosexuals when he's not trying so hard to be polite, let's call his comments what they are: bigotry. Bigotry is as pernicious today, applied to homosexuals, as it was a century ago or less, when immigrants and minorities were its main victims. And it is just as familiar. Appeals to "natural law" and "intrinsic" rights and wrongs were the usual cliches deployed to justify the old-time religion of hatred then directed at African Americans, Jews, Italians, Irish and other immigrants.
Strong stuff, but true. The editorial concludes by calling Cuccinelli an "extremist," part of the "far-right fringe," "the ultimate small tenter," a global-warming denier, and someone with "contempt" for the First Amendment. Other than that, they love him - as should we! :) In all seriousness, though, I totally agree with the Post on this one: "If he is elected attorney general, Mr. Cuccinelli would drive away qualified lawyers from an office that functions as the state government's law firm, and, given his bizarre ideas, he would very likely become an embarrassment for the commonwealth."

UPDATE: The Star City Harbiner has an excellent post on this.