Bob McDonnell on Laura Ingraham Show: Pledges to Defund Planned Parenthood, Abortion

Friday, October 30, 2009

Virginians for Life - a group that aims to "dismantle the murderous Roe v. Wade decision that legalized the murder of innocent children" - celebrates McDonnell's comments on the Laura Ingraham Show:
...Laura Ingraham on talk radio asked Mr. McDonnell about the pro-life pledge that pro-life Virginians were asking him to make.

Apparently she heard about our efforts or read it at our web site.

She asked him if he would pledge to use his veto pen to defund Planned Parenthood and abortion.

After a pause, he said "Yes, that has been my position all along."

As you know, Mr. McDonnell has consistently said he will not make any pledges.

But that does NOT matter now. You and I now have a pledge to hold Mr. McDonnell to after the election.
So much for the "thesis" being ancient history, and so much for Bob McDonnell being a "moderate" focused on economic issues.

UPDATE: I just received a press release from the Deeds campaign which says that on WTOP earlier today:
...McDonnell misled the audience about his proposal, characterizing his opposition to funding for Planned Parenthood as nothing more than enforcing the federal law against funding abortion. In fact, McDonnell committed to cutting funding for programs that provide health care services like cancer screenings and birth control – and was praised for it by his pro-life supporters, who said they “now have a pledge to hold Mr. McDonnell to after the election.”

In fact, not one cent of Planned Parenthood funding goes to providing abortion services.
UPDATE #2: Planned Parenthood weighs in, and they are NOT pleased.