Stolle Claims Then Denies He Owns Patient Care

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trying to distance himself from his record, Dr. Chris Stolle denied responsibility for patient care in a news report while his website prominently featured his role at his hospital. He questioned the hospital's infant mortality rate data and he charged this was an attack on the entire medical profession.

Stolle, who is running for the second time against now incumbent Delegate Bouchard (D-83rd-Virginia Beach) has been on the defensive since his record at the hospital was highlighted in a campaign ad. He has countered in a series of radio ads that the facts were taken out of context, but they stand scrutiny as previously discussed. And if he wants to take the infant mortality and complication rates off the table, then other patient safety ratings at Riverside Hospital are available. By the way, when he was faced with the facts initially, the online report was updated within hours, changing some data and actually making it more relevant to his record. However, this part of the report has remained unchanged.

The contest in the 83rd is very heated and close. It will simply come down to voter turnout. The Republican Party has made a significant investment in the Stolle campaign and will not let this one go easily.

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