The Gift Keeps on Giving

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Potentially awesome news for Virginia Democrats!
Ousted Virginia Republican leader Jeffrey M. Frederick said Monday he will probably run for party chairman again in May, setting up another clash with the GOP's gubernatorial nominee, Robert F. McDonnell, as Republicans struggle to unite for the November election.


Frederick, 33, a conservative delegate from Prince William County, acknowledged that his pursuit of the party chairmanship could distract from McDonnell's campaign. But Frederick blamed McDonnell and other Republican elected officials for intervening. "What they need to figure out is, they are not the party," Frederick said. "I'm sick of things being run from the top down."

Ah, the sweet sound of Republican disunity and infighting. And, as if all that's not good enough, "Frederick would not comment on whether he is considering an alternative post, such as a third-party bid for governor or other elected office." Oh please, if there is a god, let this be so. Please, god, let the gift (of RPV disunity, right-wing extremism, a continual stream of gaffes, and utterly incompetent leadership) that is Jeff Frederick keep on giving for the indefinite future! :)