Tedisco Concedes, Now What About Coleman?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jim Tedisco (R) has just conceded to Scott Murphy (D) in the NY-20 special congressional election. For a statement from the DCCC, click here. This is great news, obviously, and a huge embarrassment to RNC Chair Michael Steele, who had singled out this district as one Republicans should be able to win (click here for video).

Now, what about Norm Coleman in Minnesota, will he ever acknowledge that the voters of his state voted for Al Franken, not him? Or, will the people of Minnesota have to make do with only 1 U.S. Senator for as long as Coleman cares to continue his hissy fit?

P.S. Remember, this is a Republican-leaning district. If the GOP can't win there, where can they win? My bet is that they're going to redouble their efforts here in Virginia to elect Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and (probably) Ken Cuccinelli. Watch out!

UPDATE: Tim Kaine weighs in.
Scott Murphy's long-awaited victory is proof positive that Americans, even in this heavily Republican district, support the President and want him to succeed and the result is a repudiation of the failed policies of the past touted by Republicans," said Kaine. "Republicans decided to make this race a referendum on President Obama's leadership of the economy and his jobs and economic recovery plan - and given the result we are thankful that they did. Scott Murphy embraced President Obama's approach to the economy and his message of change while his opponent embraced the politics of division and the failed economic policies that got our country into the mess we find ourselves in today. While the Republican Party and its candidates appear to have learned nothing from recent elections and the nation's obvious desire for change, I commend the voters in New York 20 for supporting Scott and giving the President another strong ally for change as the Obama Administration moves forward with its plans to reform healthcare, invest in clean energy and improve education.”