"Twitterview" with Terry McAuliffe

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's happening right now (4 pm ET) at The Hotline's Twitter page. So far:

@Terry_McAuliffe, thanks for joining us for a Hotline Twitterview
@Terry_McAuliffe, first things first: should we call you Terry or Macker?
@thehotline Terry
@Terry_McAuliffe From where are you tweeting? And with what?
@thehotline On my Blackberry heading back from Richmond. Just leaving a mtg on higher ed.
@Terry_McAuliffe Let's talk a little VA. A big issue for NoVA commuters is widening I-66. Are you in favor? If so, what's ur timeline?
@thehotline Yes I'd be open to it, but we need to talk about revenue before we put a date on it.
@Terry_McAuliffe In VA gov, who is the member of the opposite party you respect the most? Why?
@thehotline I'd say Linwood Holton becauase he helped develop the port and integrate schools and John Warner b/c of his pragmatism.
@Terry_McAuliffe In the 06 SEN primary, who did you vote for, Harris Miller or Jim Webb?
@thehotline Webb
@Terry_McAuliffe What's Bob McDonnell's greatest strength? OK--throw in a weakness, too.
@thehotline Strength- he's tenacious. Weakness- he'll continue the failed Gilmore legacy.
@thehotline I'm Catholic, and I'm a regular churchgoer.
@Terry_McAullife Numbers: How many cars do you own? How many houses? How many guns? How many of your kids attended public school?
@thehotline I own 2 hybrid cars, 1 shotgun for hunting and 1 house.
@Terry_McAuliffe OK, last question -- what's the VA state fish (hint: it's not the tasty, tasty Shad)? No googling alllowed!
@thehotline Brook Trout.