Tell Bob McDonnell to Return Your Tax Dollars

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Excellent line of attack by the McAuliffe campaign on Bob McDonnell. Go git 'em!!!
Bob McDonnell just doesn't get it. He opposed using federal stimulus money to help Virginia families in need. But he doesn't have any problems dumping your tax dollars into his campaign's bank account.

It's just shameful.

When Bob and his Republican friends rejected $125 million in federal help for Virginians who lost their jobs, his campaign had already taken thousands of dollars from companies that took federal bailout money. That's right -- your tax dollars are going from bailed out companies right into Bob McDonnell's campaign coffers.

Weeks ago, I publicly pledged that I wouldn't accept any corporate campaign contributions from any companies receiving federal bailout money. That pledge has already prompted Brian Moran to return the contributions he'd accepted from banks receiving federal bailout funds.

Now it's time for Bob McDonnell to step up. Our tax dollars should be used to fix the economy, not fund political campaigns.

Tell Bob McDonnell to return the contributions from companies that received federal bailout money.

When the news broke about the millions of taxpayer-funded bonuses going to AIG executives, Bob McDonnell's own campaign said they "should offend every taxpayer." I agree.

But it is every bit as offensive for companies like Citigroup - which participated in some of the worst excess that triggered this financial crisis - to use the money they're getting from the federal government to make contributions to political candidates. And Bob McDonnell's taken the cash with open arms.

For his campaign to go around lecturing about the sanctity of taxpayer money -- while at the same time using it to fund its own political operation - is the height of hypocrisy. And I've had enough of it.

Tell Bob McDonnell to return any contributions he's received from companies that were bailed out by the federal government -- and to pledge not to take their money for the rest of the campaign.

I can't tell you how much your strong support means to me. I know I've got the best, most committed supporters in Virginia on my side, and you are making all the difference in this campaign!