Jim Gilmore: Democrats Threaten America!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Every time you think Virginia Republican "leaders" like Jim Gilmore can't get any more embarrassing and self-destructive, they do. Check this out, from a recent letter by Jim Gilmore:
Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their liberal Democrat minions are determined to remake America into their vision of a European Socialist state. They have done more harm to our free enterprise system in four months than Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton combined.
First of all, I love the juvenile/infantile use of "Democrat" instead of "Democratic" as an adjective to modify "minions." Whoa, I mean that is SO clever and SO damaging! Hahahaha. I also love Gilmore's hysteria over America somehow being transformed from his ideal of crony capitalism and trickle down (aka, redistributing wealth from the middle class to the super wealthy) into...I dunno, Denmark? Exactly, it's a nightmare. :)

Finally, I'll let Arjun of Daily Kos complete the skewering on the "destroyed free enterprise" meme:
Let's guy who brought us out of the worst economic depression in U.S. history (and built up the national infrastructure to boot, and won a world war in his spare time). And one guy who created 23 million jobs in eight years as president.

Seems to me that anyone who does more for the U.S. economy in four months than those three cats did in 24 years ought to be submitting an application for Mount Rushmore.

But maybe we ought to take the word of a guy who was such a wildly successful governor that he lost a Senate bid last year by 31 points (and that was a model of perfect execution next to his risible presidential bid). Because let's face it, Jim Gilmore knows all about failure.
OK, let's not be so harsh on poor ol' Jim Gilmore. I mean, all he did was nearly drive Virginia into the economic ditch, endanger our AAA bond rating, and basically leave a complete mess for Mark Warner to clean up. But, then again, isn't that what Democrats ALWAYS have to do after Republican administrations? For instance, Barack Obama following the Worst President Ever?

In conclusion, all I have to say is, PLEASE Virginia Republicans, keep Jim Gilmore as the face of your party, along with Jeff Frederick, Bob Marshall, etc. You see, we Democrats, when we're not busy destroying capitalism and the American way, kind of like winning elections from you guys. Thanks! :)