Schedule for Bill Clinton Rallies with Terry McAuliffe

Friday, April 24, 2009

This Monday, former President Bill Clinton will appear with Terry McAuliffe at events in Richmond and Roanoke. The details are as follows:

9:30 am Terry McAuliffe and President Clinton speak in Richmond
Richmond Farmer's Market
17th and Franklin Streets
Richmond, VA 23219

12:15 pm Terry McAuliffe and President Clinton speak in Roanoke
Fire Station #1
13 East Church Avenue, SE
Roanoke, VA 2401

Politically, this event is tailor-made for McAuliffe, as it fits extremely well with Terry's top themes of jobs and the economy. As President, Clinton's policies helped produce an economic boom, the creation of more than 22 million jobs, and a budget surplus. In addition, Bill Clinton was a governor himself, of a southern state to boot. As governor of Arkansas, Clinton helped "transform its economy and significantly improve the state's educational system" (note: at last night's Virginia Education Association forum, McAuliffe drew "the wildest applause" of the evening and expressed his belief that "a down economy is when you put more money in education"). Something tells me that on Monday, Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe will figure out a way to talk about the economy, jobs,and education, but we'll see. :)

P.S. Bill Clinton remains extremely popular among Democrats. In June 2008, Donna Brazile said, "Bill Clinton still has the Midas touch with many Democratic voters, who will welcome any opportunity to listen to his sage advice." Clinton is particularly popular among African Americans, who, even in the midst of a heated primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in February 2008, had a 63%-19% favorable opinion of him. My guess is those numbers have bounced back by now, after Bill Clinton campaigned hard for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was named Secretary of State, much closer to the 79%-7% approval rating Bill Clinton held among African Americans in July 2007.