"Huge crowd" in Richmond for Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe

Monday, April 27, 2009

Terry and Bill Clinton just took the stage in Richmond. Lots of energy. HUGE crowd! - Mo Elleithee (10:05 am)

About to take the stage in Richmond w/Pres Clinton to talk jobs and the economy. Lots of work to do to get it moving! - Terry McAuliffe (10:09 am)

Outstanding Richmond event! Over 750 people on a hot morning. Home run event! Terry laid out the contrast with McDonnell. On to Roanoke! Mo Elleithee (10:45 am)

Gr8 rally in Richmond. Loved to see the sea of blue McAuliffe tees! We're growing the grassroots. On 2 Roanoke w/Pres. Clinton talking JOBS! - Terry McAuliffe (11:27 am)

UPDATE: The Richmond Times Dispatch reports:
Clinton joined McAuliffe for a mid-morning rally in Richmond’s Farmer’s Market, telling a crowd the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee is ideally suited to be Virginia’s next governor. McAuliffe’s campaign said about 600 signed in for the event.

Clinton cited McAuliffe’s success as a businessman and investor, his leadership of the DNC and his ability to work with Republicans.

“He’s the right sort of bipartisan guy,“ said Clinton, with McAuliffe standing to his left. “He’ll reach out to Republicans, but he’s not the sort of guy who will let people jack you around.“

Clinton also said McAuliffe would be a superior partner with President Barack Obama. Clinton said it’s important that governors be able to work closely with the White House if the economy is to recover.

UPDATE: Great event today. President Clinton still quite impressive. - Arjun Jaikumar, Daily Kos