McAuliffe Draws a Morning Crowd in Williamsburg

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Terry McAuliffe was greeted early this morning in Williamsburg by a surprisingly large group of some 40 or 50 which included at least four area Democratic Committee Chairs, members of various unions, and a lot of supporters and just plain curious folks. He delivered an upbeat, detailed update on the issues he is emphasizing in this campaign and assailed the Republicans on turning down the $125,000,000 to support the unemployed (among other things). One Terrybyte from today:
Bob McDonnell, the other day, proposed eliminating the state income tax. Can you imagine that? Okay, I think that's about 60/65% of our revenue. He doesn’t propose how we are going to replace it. This is what Jim Gilmore did to you on the car tax. Nothing but a shell game and all they did was shift that responsibility to the local level where they raised the property taxes. He didn't save you any money. That's what they're trying to do here. So if you like Gilmore, Bob McDonnell's your man.
After answering a variety of questions, much to the enjoyment of those gathered, it was clear that many more were leaving as McAuliffe supporters than arrived. Then he was off to William and Mary for another gathering.

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