Chris Guy and Alan Zimmerman on the Moran Campaign

Monday, April 27, 2009

To put it mildly, Chris Guy of Fred2Blue and Alan Zimmerman at The Virginia Democrat, both of whom support Creigh Deeds for governor (and both of whom are superb bloggers and superb Democrats), do not like the Brian Moran campaign. Read their articles to find out why.

What's amazing to me is how the Moran campaign has managed to convert so many former supporters, like myself, into supporters of other candidates or even enemies of theirs. The main question I've got is not IF the Moran campaign's been so nasty, it's WHY the Moran campaign's been so nasty. I mean, what strategically do these people think they're accomplishing? Do they believe that getting down in the mud represents the best shot at electing their candidate? Does Terry McAuliffe simply freak them out? Do they really believe that being BOTH anti-Obama AND anti-Clinton (not to mention attacking the Tim Kaine-led DNC!) is the way to win a Virginia Democratic primary election? If so, wow. Just wow.

More broadly, don't these people have anything POSITIVE to say about their candidate? Or, do they simply not believe that their candidate is strong enough to win on his merits, speaking ability, voting record, vision for Virginia, etc? What is the point of the Moran campaign's slash-and-burn strategy, to destroy the good name of their candidate forever? And how much is Brian Moran paying for the superb advice he's getting? Simply bizarre.