Setting the Record Straight on Brian Moran and Coal (and oil too)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Moran campaign is spewing out misinformation (aka, outright lies) faster than the Wise county coal-fired power plant (which Moran voted for and just the other day said he was right to vote for!) spews out carbon emissions, so let's set the record straight on a few things.

1. As much as the Moran campaign might claim to be anti-coal, the fact is that Brian Moran voted in support of "a coal-fired generation facility that utilizes Virginia coal and is located in the coalfield region of the Commonwealth." Translation: Moran voted for Dominion Power's Wise County coal-fired power plant.

2. In January 2009, Brian Moran also "declined to say whether he also opposes a proposed coal-fired plant in Wise County that has drawn the fire of environmentalists."

3. A few weeks after that, Brian Moran asserted that "We can create the research necessary for carbon sequestration so we can develop cleaner coal."

4. In February 2009, Moran - while stumping in the "coal country" of far-southwestern Virginia - said that "Coal is certainly an asset to Southwest Virginia and the economy in the region relies upon it," adding that "We need to make sure we’re pursuing the research to make sure it’s a viable source of energy."

5. At the Democratic National Convention in 2008, Moran said in an interview with RK's Josh Chernila, "We're sitting on the Saudi Arabia of coal. We can't turn our backs on that." He added, "I favor a comprehensive energy policy that includes five sources of energy: coal, nuclear, alternative energy sources, natural gas and conservation..."

6. Brian Moran has accepted donations of $46,800 from Dominion Power (not including a fundraiser in March 2009 hosted by a Dominion Power Senior Vice President) In contrast, Terry McAuliffe has vowed not to accept any money from Dominion Power.

7. Brian Moran opposes the Surry County coal-fired power plant. That's good, I'm glad to see it (although, significantly, Surry is NOT a Dominion Power plant). Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe says that the Surry plant "does not meet [the] standard" for being built. Sounds pretty similar to Brian Moran's position, as much as the Moran campaign tries to make this THE issue that separates him from everyone else in the race.

The problem is, actions speak louder than words, and it when it came down to it, Brian Moran voted FOR the coal-fired power plant that was in front of him when he was busy being a "fighter" in the House of Delegates. Yeah, he was a "fighter" alright; unfortunately, he was "fighting" for the interests of Dominion Power and not for the environment. Unfortunately for Brian Moran, that's no lie.

P.S. Moran's people (bloggers and staffers who egg them on, recommend their diaries, etc.) are also lying about offshore drilling. First off, Terry McAuliffe does NOT support offshore drilling. Period. Second, Brian Moran voted for this:
The measure also provides that it is the Commonwealth's policy to support federal efforts to determine the extent of natural gas resources 50 miles or more offshore and to support the inclusion of the Atlantic Planning Areas in the federal Mineral Management Service's draft environmental impact statement for natural gas exploration 50 miles or more off the Atlantic shoreline.
Third, why won't the Moran campaign stop lying, then smearing and even threatening people who call them on it? Do they really want to win THAT badly? Apparently so...