Mike Henry: Help Terry Fight False Attacks

Friday, April 24, 2009

From McAuliffe for Governor campaign manager (and former Kaine and Warner campaign manager) Mike Henry:
People at the highest levels of Brian Moran's campaign have been flinging mud at Terry McAuliffe for months -- and today is no exception.

Several of Moran's top strategists distributed a false, negative attack ad against Terry - accusing him of planning to fill our beaches with oil rigs, even though Terry opposes drilling for oil offshore.

These types of false attacks exact a real cost on our political process, and I'm sick of it. But that's where we're headed. As UVA Professor Larry Sabato noted recently, Moran plans to engage in "negative campaigning with all its risks."

That's why we're counting on your help to fight back right now. This race is neck and neck. We only have 46 days until the election, and it's going to come right down to the wire. By making a contribution before the April 30th fundraising deadline, you're not only funding our efforts to set the record straight, you're also proving that when Brian Moran's campaign attacks Terry, it actually strengthens our grassroots effort to make him our next governor.

Click here to make a contribution and help fight back against Brian Moran's attacks.

Time and time again, the Moran campaign has shown it's far more interested in tearing down Terry than promoting a positive vision for Virginia. One of their top consultants even wrote this week that he's "too busy trying to defeat Terry McAuliffe."

Our Commonwealth faces serious challenges, and our political discourse must rise to a level commensurate with them. That's exactly what Terry's done in this campaign. The Richmond Times Dispatch wrote that "McAuliffe invites other contenders to focus on issues of genuine substance rather than petty personal attacks and cheap, zinger-of-the-day point-scoring." The newspaper said that "his substantive pitches have raised expectations and pointed the way toward a different, more high-toned campaign."

This is crunch time. We're coming down the home stretch, and we need your help to communicate Terry's positive message across Virginia.

Please make a contribution before April 30th. There's no time to spare.

Click here to make a contribution to help Terry win - and help him win the right way.

Thanks so much for all you've done. This campaign is about you, and we're counting on you until the very end.

Mike Henry
Campaign Manager