Amy Frederick Bows Out, Blasts Virginia GOP

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This morning, Amy Frederick (wife of Del. Jeff Frederick, R-52) announced that she would NOT seek her husband's seat after all. She also took the opportunity to blast Speaker Howell and also those in the Republican Party of Virginia who "ignor[e] our core principles in pursuit of titles and power without purpose."
Today, it is with mixed emotions that I announce my withdrawal from the race to succeed Jeff in the House of Delegates.

Unfortunately, some in the leadership of the Republican Party have demonstrated a greater interest in playing politics than in advancing our conservative principles and making life better for the families and the citizens of Virginia. I'm not interested in running for office to serve under broken leadership, where the Speaker compromises principle for what he perceives as immediate political gain. What so many entrusted with leadership in our party fail to recognize is that ignoring our core principles in pursuit of titles and power without purpose is exactly the behavior that severely reduced our ranks in the House, handed the Senate to the Democrats, and has resulted in one statewide loss after another.
Awesome! Hey Amy, do you want to be a guest blogger at Blue Virginia? :)

P.S. Apparently, with the filing deadline having passed, the Republican candidate for this seat will be former Dumfries Town Council member Rafael Lopez.