Washington Post: Teachers Prefer Terry?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

From today's Washington Post, it looks like Terry McAuliffe's message is playing well with teachers -- at least ones who attended last Thursday's Virginia Education Association debate at the Hampton convention center:
But it was Terry McAuliffe who appeared to convert the hall, earning sustained applause and bringing some delegates to their feet by tying each education-related question to his campaign's central theme: As a successful businessman, he knows how to create jobs.

So will all that acclaim translate into votes for McAuliffe?

Some teachers said after the debate that they think it will.

"Just like Mark Warner, I think you have to be out in the public with the people, working your bones off, to know what people need," said Jeanna Ellis, a special education teacher from Pittsylvania County. "I just know that when he finished speaking, you felt . . . "

chimed in her Pittsylvania colleague, family and life sciences teacher Rita Gimbel.

"Yeah," Ellis said. "It made you want to stand up and say, 'Yes! You know what we need!'"

Veronica Gibson, a business education teacher from Henrico, said McAuliffe has probably earned her vote with his entrepreneurial flair.

"We have to work with business, find ways to use ties in the business world to improve education," she said.
Not bad, but I'm sure the Moran campaign would have an explanation. Maybe Terry has bought off the teachers? Deluded some of the smartest citizens of Virginia by the force of his charismatic personality? Bedazzled and befuddled them with promises of...I dunno, the same things Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds promise, except more convincing to the teachers, apparently?

Whatever, I've gotten to the point that I honestly believe if Terry McAuliffe found a cure for cancer, the Moran campaign would say, "WHAT?!? You ONLY cured cancer?!? What about heart disease and diabetes you heartless @#$%@#$!?!" Ha. In the meantime, McAuliffe keeps getting "A"s while Brian Moran sits in the back of the room and throws spitballs. No wonder teachers prefer Terry.