McAuliffe Releases Chapter 5: Transportation

Friday, April 24, 2009

Transportation is an absolutely crucial issue for Virginia, which is why I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Terry McAuliffe's "business plan" for transportation. I've been reading through it, and so far I like what I'm seeing. For instance, the following is exactly on target:
I believe that we need to re-focus our policy decisions and funding priorities. For too long, we have been focused almost solely on roads. But if we are to become more efficient, more respectful of our environment, and help get people to where they need to be, we have got to start thinking differently about transportation. We need to place our priorities on intermodal forms of transportation. Of course, we have to address construction and maintenance when it comes to roads as well. But going forward, we need to reprioritize.
Excellent, that's exactly right. Thank you, Terry McAuliffe, for recognizing that we can't keep on doing things the same way we've been doing them in the past and expect to get different results.

A few more highlights from the report (including excellent ideas from Virginians, submitted to the McAuliffe campaign and incorporated into the plan):

*"It is essential that we promote high speed rail between Richmond and Washington, D.C."

*"Extending the Northeast High Speed Rail Corridor to Richmond and Hampton Roads is not only important for the hundreds of thousands of jobs it will produce, but the economic development it will generate, the millions of gallons of gas it will save, and the tons of CO2 it will prevent from being released into the atmosphere."

*"We must do more to expand our port system—specifically in Norfolk."

*"As I have said repeatedly throughout this campaign, any serious conversation about
transportation issues in Virginia must begin with an honest conversation about revenues."

*"We must coordinate our land-use and transportation planning to make the best decisions about growth in our communities."