Not Andy Sere on Tucker Watkins, Chris LaCivita

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun times continue in Virginia's 5th CD, courtesy of Republican blogger "Not Andy Sere."
Mark my words, the longer [State Sen. Robert] Hurt depends on scum of the earth like Tucker Watkins (of Purple Heart fame) and Chris LaCivita (of Switch Boat fame) the more likely the campaign against [Rep. Tom] Perriello will be based not on politics but the dirty personal attacks that Tucker favors. The "brilliant" idea of trying to attack a guy born in the district as a "New York lawyer" failed in 2008 and I'm sure Tucker's next strategy will end the same way. Bradley Rees is spot on...
Personally, I hope that Tucker Watkins and Chris LaCivita stay around for a long time in Virginia politics. While we're at it, can we bring back our old friend Dick Wadhams? Ha.

P.S. For more on Tucker Watkins, see here for a heated argument between Watkins and Democratic blogger Mark Brooks.