Bob McDonnell Trashes Virginia

Friday, February 19, 2010

Over at NLS, Ben's been doing great work highlighting the consequences of Bob McDonnell's reckless, heartless, slash-and-burn, George W. Bush style of "leadership" on the budget. For instance, NLS points out:

*McDonnell has proposed "massive cuts to education, mental health programs, the elderly and the sick."

*McDonnell's budget includes "$5.3 Million Cut To School Breakfasts"

*The conservative Tax Foundation is hammering McDonnell for corporate welfare gifts to the movie industry (they call it "Hollywood Handouts").

*Believe it or not, Bob McDonnell is effectively sending "our tax dollars...all over the country to help states deal with the mentally unstable, but none will come to Virginia."

*McDonnell apparently hates Bald Eagles

*Last but not least, McDonnell's wild irresponsibility on funding Virginia's retirement obligations means that today "will be looked back on as the day Bob McDonnell lost Virginia its AAA bond rating."

Other than all that, McDonnell's doing a great job. Great, that is, if you like seeing Virginia no longer the "best place to raise a child," the "best place to do business," the "best managed state in the country," etc. My only question is, how long will it take Bob McDonnell to undo all the great work Mark Warner did in four years? Can McDonnell do it in under four months? Sad to say, but he's well on his way...