Left of the Hill: "Rich might be able to give Wolf a run for his money"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Tuesday evening, Rich Anthony spoke to the Webb Brigades about his run for the 10th CD Democratic nomination. So far, the feedback has been strongly positive. One Brigades member praised Rich for having "the best sense of humor of the three candidates," and said he liked Rich's "background and his ideas about workforce development." Another Brigades member said that Rich is a "very comfortable speaker" and "a genuine, down-to-earth person, nicely defying the stereotype of a politician who says whatever to get votes." The same member even went so far as to call Rich "courageous, willing to say what he really thinks," and particularly "liked his discussion about how he'd beat Wolf." Great stuff.

Now, Bryan Scrafford at Left of the Hill weighs in with yet another positive response to Rich's Brigades appearance. Bryan writes, "Although I’m still undecided about who I’ll support in the primary (if anyone), I have to admit that I really like what I’ve heard so far from Rich." Also, check this out:
It was the talk about workforce development that really seemed to resonate with members of the Brigade, which could be a very good thing for Rich because he has made a career of working in the field. Since the economy is one of the major issues facing Congress – especially the need to create more jobs – his background not only resonates with people like those gathered in Vienna on Tuesday, but it also gives him the skill set to hit the ground running if he were to be elected. In a time when there are also so many people who try to spin their careers in big business as meaning they know about jobs when that isn’t really true in many cases, there were several people at the meeting who highlighted how it was good to see that there are some people running for office who truly have the experience necessary to help build policies that will spur job creation.

There’s no way of denying the fact that it will be very difficult to beat incumbent Republican Frank Wolf in November, but many people walked away from the Brigades meeting thinking that Rich might be able to give Wolf a run for his money. Above all else, however, it was simply good to hear from a candidate who wasn’t afraid to stand up for Democratic values and fight for the working class residents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.
Wow, I couldn't imagine anyone saying that any better than this. Check out Bryan's full writeup here, and find out how you can help Rich Anthony here. Thanks.