Why I've Joined the Krystal Ball Campaign

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back in December, I strongly endorsed Krystal Ball for Congress in the 1st CD. At the time, I wrote that this was "one of the easiest endorsements I've ever made in my life in a Democratic primary," and that feeling hasn't changed over the past two months. The reasons? First, I find myself in philosophical agreement with Krystal on the overwhelming majority of issues, from her strong pro-environment beliefs (e.g., Krystal supports "aggressive mandatory renewable energy standards" and is "against drilling off Virginia’s coast or environmentally sensitive areas, ANWR and against mountaintop removal coal mining") to her support for working people, to her 100% commitment to "full LGBT equality at every level," to "a robust public option," to "government’s basic role as a social equalizer." In addition, as I wrote at the time:
The "tea partiers" are going to be revved up - heck, there might even be a "tea party" candidate in this race to challenge Wittman from his right - so we've got to get Democrats excited. That's where Krystal's energy, enthusiasm and progressive ideas come in. Without those, we might as well concede this race now. We certainly shouldn't make the same mistake we just did in Virginia, believing that only a Democrat who runs away from being a Democrat can win elections here. To the contrary, all that does is make Democrats look weak, while not picking up any conservative support and probably losing support from independents who find it hard to respect someone who isn't even proud of who they are and what they believe (example on the right: Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli).
Aside from explaning why I strongly support Krystal Ball, I also explained my rationale for not supporting Krystal's Democratic opponent, Scott Robinson. You can read that here. For now, though, I want to focus on the positives about Krystal Ball, and also let you all know that I've joined her campaign as a consultant on netroots/new media. I'm very excited to have this opportunity to elect a strong, young, charismatic progressive to Congress, and I hope you'll all join me in that cause (including contributing to her campaign if you can; thanks!).

Why do I believe Krystal Ball can win this race? Here are a few bullet points from the new, glossy, campaign prospectus the campaign will be printing next week and distributing widely.

*The district is steadily moving Democratic.
*Young candidates win tough races.
*Krystal out raised Rob Wittman in Q3
*Krystal is a hardworking candidate who has already gained national attention.
*Rob Wittman lacks leadership and standing in Congress that inhibits his effectiveness for his district
*As a businesswoman and certified public accountant, Krystal brings a professional outlook on the U.S. Budget and the economy
*A truly unique candidate.

As far as Krystal is concerned, the brochure accurately describes her as "a small business owner who knows what businesses need to succeed." It adds, "One thing she isn’t is a longtime politician. She’s never run for office before, but she’s running now because we can’t afford to wait any longer for a change." Which is exactly what we need this year, a period when people desperately want change and desperately want results, not rancor. As a member of Congress, I'm confident that Krystal would bring a fresh perspective, and as she says, "bring some common sense back to Congress and focus on what’s best for our families." Needless to say, that would be infinitely better than Rob Wittman's mindless, knee-jerk opposition to anything proposed by a Democrat, even if it's an idea that Republicans used to embrace (e.g., cap and trade, the individual mandate). It's time for a change in Washington, DC, and Krystal Ball personifies that change. Go Krystal!

P.S. Check out Krystal's Facebook page for the latest news, including a Young Professionals Cocktail Reception on February 24 at Zengo in DC, and a Meet the Candidate night in Williamsburg on March 24.