Does Robert Hurt Favor Privatizing Social Security?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If State Senator Robert Hurt, now running for Congress in the 5th CD (against Rep. Tom Perriello), is not in favor of privatizing Social Security, as ranking Republican House Budget Committee member Paul Ryan has proposed, then why won't he say so? Fascinating. Also, as Leigh Anne Collier of the DPVA asks, "Why is Robert Hurt hiding from senior citizens?" Any answers?
Robert Hurt's Answer on Social Security: The Sound of Silence
Va. Dems Call on Hurt to Break Silence on Privatizing Social Security

RICHMOND -- Virginia Democrats today called on state Senator and U.S. Congressional candidate Robert Hurt (VA-05) to stop hiding and make clear his position on the newly proposed national GOP Budget Roadmap, which includes privatization of Social Security.

The plan, introduced by ranking Republican budget committee member, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), returns to the Bush-era concept of privatizing Social Security in Wall Street accounts.

Representative Tom Perriello (VA-05) announced his opposition to the plan, while several of Hurt's Republican primary opponents announced their support for the concept of privatization in a Charlottesville Daily Progress story on Thursday. Hurt did not respond to the Daily Progress's inquiry and has remained silent on the issue for the five days since.

"Why is Robert Hurt hiding from senior citizens?" asked Leigh Anne Collier, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "Seniors deserve to know if their Congressional candidate supports the national Republican plan to gamble hard-earned Social Security funds on the stock market."

Representative Eric Cantor, who endorsed Hurt's campaign, also supports privatizing Social Security. Meanwhile, Hurt has continued his silence.

"Does Robert Hurt agree with the ideas of the other Republicans in his primary and Republican Congressional leadership or will he stand behind Representative Perriello and against these private accounts for Social Security?" Collier continued. "For those who believe in our Greatest Generation, the least you can do is tell them what you believe. You can't run for Congress without making clear where you stand on this issue that is so important to Virginia seniors."