Andrew Sullivan: "Cheney's Washington Post"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sadly, this is so true.
First [Editorial Page Editor Fred] Hiatt fired the only opinion writer who really held Cheney to account for war crimes, Dan Froomkin. Then he hires a mediocre writer, and proud Catholic-for-torture, and Cheney's former speech-writer, Marc Thiessen, for a weekly column. So it's perhaps no surprise that Bart Gellman, the best journalist on Cheney in the country, whose series of pieces which became The Angler is the definitive expose of the paranoid incompetent who was veep under Bush ... has now moved after twenty years to Time magazine.

Watching this paper die a sad a sordid death as it gathers a gaggle of neocon sycophants and has-beens around a proud war criminal like Cheney is truly depressing.
In addition to the Dick Cheney apologists, there's also the stable - George Will, Charles Krauthammer, David Broder (and his "mad crush on Sarah Palin"), even Sarah Palin herself now and then - of global warming deniers and right-wingers in general on the editorial page. In short, The Washington Post has become little more than a (slightly) more centrist version of the Moonie Times. We'll see if the Post meets the same fate...